Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG)
Sapporo-IAEA Nuclear Data Meeting 2009 (Viktor 2009)

Overview of the Meeting

Meeting session 1

12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:45-15:30 Welcome address
Confirmation of schedule
Introduction of JCPRG members
"Nuclear Data System developed at Kitami Inst. of Tech." H.Masui
15:45-18:00 ( NRDF Steering Committee )

Meeting session 2

10:00-12:30 "Meme Media and Knowledge Federation" Y.Tanaka
Technical details J.Fujima, M.N.Kuwahara
14:30-17:30 Technical details J.Fujima, M.N.Kuwahara
Discussion on "Application of IntelligentPad technology to IAEA Web EXFOR retrieval system"

Meeting session 3

10:00-12:00 "EXFOR. Output for Users. Proposal for standard output.Discussion about XML" V.Zerkin
"Application of XML for future EXFOR software" M.Chiba
Comments N.Otsuka
15:30-17:50 Demonstration of IAEA Nuclear Data Service: EXFOR + ENDF Web interface V.Zerkin

Dinner Party

Meeting session 4

10:00-13:00 "Interface with Evaluated Nuclear Data File and Covariance data" T.Togashi
Discussion for Conclusion of the meeting.
14:45-17:00 Technical Discussion V.Zerkin, M.N.Kuwahara